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Items you may need:

A Stand: For the DJ Display Book you will need a stand.  The book is large and weighs three pounds, so a sturdy stand is helpful.  A music stand on the floor beside the DJ table, or a table-top music stand would be fine.

The stand that I used at the Portland and Tucson festivals, as pictured on the Tango Tandas page, can be found at They have agreed to give Tango Tandas customers a 10% discount on their stand - enter Discount Coupon: TANGOTSRDC10

The Next Tanda supplement is smaller and weighs only a few ounces, so a lighter stand will be fine, or the same kind of stand can be used.

A Dry-Erase Marker: To write custom tanda names on the back covers of the DJ Display Book or Next Tanda supplement Orchestra mini-book or cards, a Dry-Erase marker is needed.

A Light: Depending on the lighting at your milonga, you may wish to light your DJ Display Book with a small, low-wattage incandescent light... 15 watts at the most.

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Photographs on Tango Tandas and Contact pages: Jennifer Richard Photography

I'd like to thank Clay Nelson for helping me test out the DJ Display Book to wide and enthusiastic acclaim at the Portland ValenTango Festival:  Clay's Dance Studio

Visiting Seattle?  Want to buy a book in person?  Here is our comprehensive and up-to-date Tango calendar - email me to find out where I'll be dancing!

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