Dancers want to know!

We all know the feeling… we are dancing, the music is playing, and our curiosity grows – what is this music we’re dancing to? What is the orchestra? Who is the singer? We could go ask the DJ, and sometimes we do… but perhaps the floor is too crowded, or we don’t want to break the mood, or we forget and the next tanda begins and the moment is lost… It’s easy to satisfy our curiosity, to feed that desire for knowledge, with just a glance…

Format of the DJ Display Book

The Tango Tandas DJ Display Book is 104 cardstock pages wire bound in an 11”x17” format, with strong laminated covers. The layout is classy, elegant, easy to read from across the dancefloor, yet unobtrusive enough to not call attention to itself. It is designed for the DJ to choose one page for each tanda.



Features of the DJ Display Book

23 Golden Age orchestras displayed alone

69 Golden Age orchestra-with-singer combinations

9 Modern Tango bands

13 General pages

Dry-erasable back cover for writing custom tanda names