What tanda is coming up next?!

We all know this moment… the tanda is wrapping up, the cortina has started, some people are already accepting the cabeceo of partners… but we wish to wait until we hear the music that’s playing before we carefully choose our partner. We usually wait for the music to begin, but sometimes we wish to know a little earlier… what’s coming up? What’s next? We could ask the DJ, or we wait, or take our chances.  Instead, with a glance, we can easily see what the next tanda will be: Tango, vals or milonga, and the orchestra as well

Format of the Next Tanda supplement

The Next Tanda supplement is four double-sided laminated 8.5”x14” cards. Each side displays a possibility for the next tanda: including Tango, vals, milonga, and more. It is paired with a half-height mini book, 4.25”x14”, wire bound, 28 pages. The layout is in the same style as the DJ Display Book, and is a smaller compliment, to easily distinguish the next tanda from the current tanda with a glance towards the DJ table.


Features of the Next Tanda supplement

Sold only in a Package with the DJ Display Book, and includes:

4 double-sided Next Tanda cards

4 General pages in mini-book, along with:

23 Golden Age orchestras displayed by last name

Dry-erasable back cover for writing custom next tanda names

Comes in a strong clear poly envelope to store cards and book